TFG Capital

TFG is short for ‘The Funding Gap’. We aim to provide our clients with tailored short term business loans that will fulfil their individual needs such as bridging loans or cash flow finance. Our terms are flexible and we can work to extremely tight deadlines. To date, we have provided over £70,000,000 in funds to our clients. With us, you’re dealing with the decision-makers, as such, we can provide quick decisions and completions.

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About TFG Capital

We were established in August 2014 by James Mortimore to provide companies and high net worth individuals with a route to available funding in a difficult and increasingly risk-averse market. TFG is shorthand for ‘The Funding Gap’ and that is a gap the company was designed to fill. We aim to provide clients with the best bridging loans and short term business loans possible, tailored to suit their needs.

Our terms are flexible and our ability to work to extremely tight deadlines combined with a no-nonsense approach to lending provides a level of comfort and certainty that is unique in our marketplace. We have provided over £70,000,000 in funds to our clients since inception and continue to support businesses across the UK every day. We don’t seek approval from lending panels or delay our clients' plans and ambitions on a conveyor belt of over-analysis. To deal with the decision-makers all you need to do is make contact.