Energise Energy Solutions

Quality, value, and expertise is at the heart of everything we do, which is why Energise Energy Solutions has become a UK recognised installer that our customers love.

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About Energise Energy Solutions

Since 2018, Energise Energy Solutions have been working independently and in partnership with large energy and EV providers, helping customers reorientate their businesses and homes away from using fossil fuels, to help tackle the climate crisis.  

What we do

EV Charging Solutions - Including standard 3 phase, fast and rapid, Energise Energy Solutions provide domestic and full end to end workplace solutions for SME’s, Fleet and large-scale, nationwide projects. 

Smart Metering – including Domestic smart installations and Commercial installations. Emergency response works, training and quality assurance and warehouse /asset management.

Solar PV, Air Source Heat Pumps and Battery Storage – Creating self-sufficient energy supplies for homes and businesses.

Did you know?

So far, we have powered up over 4,000 vehicles, off-setting over 20,000 tonnes of carbon being released into the environment,

this includes domestic (7KW), B2B (7-22KW) and Rapid (50kw) EV charge points!


Energise Energy Solutions is expanding and we’re always on the lookout for eager and reliable individuals to join our successful, happy and driven workforce.