Adact Medical

Where you import, sell or manufacture, we offer specialist guidance in vaping, CBD, cosmetic and healthcare technologies to help you on your way to full compliance.

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About Adact Medical

ADACT Medical is a leading regulatory compliance specialist with cutting edge analytical testing services. We believe in bringing affordable, high-quality scientific services to companies big and small, so they can grow their businesses and brands.

Work with experts

Our team of experts work hard to provide high quality services at affordable prices for every global market. Our combination of scientific excellence and great customer service aims to give your customers complete confidence in the legality and safety of your products across EMEA, NCSA and AP regions.

Our Labs

We constantly invest in our laboratories in both the UK and Europe and have earned ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. This certifies the technical excellence of our team and their use of thorough quality management systems to provide reliable and trusted test results.

Guided by science

Thanks to our uniquely scientific approach, our services are more than a box ticking exercise. As an example we often test in triplicate and use averaged results, with instruments which allows us to test more accurately with consistency.

Independent, ethical

We work independently and are not affiliated with any single supplier, organization or flavour house. In the eyes of end users, our clients and global regulatory bodies alike, this demonstrates our impartiality and commitment to what we do. We are scientific, independent and trusted.

Helping you to succeed

Compliance and testing strengthens brands, as consumers have a higher level of confidence in tested, compliant and approved products. We care about our clients and ensure they have access to affordable services to prove their compliance and strengthen their position with consumers.